Do you want to start Driving even before you reach 17 years old?

Intensive Driving Courses Wales Offers Off Road ( Under 17 Driving Lessons ) the off road driving site where you can learn to drive from 14 years old is based just outside Llantwit Major at Llandow industrial estate. Learn to drive before 17 in wales. Cats eyes driving school and I Will Drive driving school also use this off road driving site. 

 YOU DO NOT  Need A Provisional Driving Licence! 
You will not need a driving licence as the Pre 17 driving site is privately owned and has gates which are locked to stop public access. All you need is to be is tall enough to reach the pedals. It is an off road driving site so there is no age limit but 14 years old is around the perfect age to have fun whether its a single person or a group of friends and its a great opportunity for people who want to get a head start on their driving lessons before they are 17 years old.

What you will get at the off road site.

Proffessional driving tuition from a qualified DSA Approved Instructor 
Instructor is CRB Checked
Modern car with dual controls
Learn the basics of the car controls
Learn how to start and stop the car in a controlled manner 
Learn how to manoeuvre through the gears smoothly
Learn how to manouvre the car under control
Learn how to perform an emergency stop
The lessons are very informative but fun at the same time.

Learning To Drive Before 17 Can Benefit You Greatly
 This can be a great bonus to 16 year olds who don't have long to wait to be road legal. You could learn all the basics at the off road driving site which will prepare you greatly for the open road. Why not go for an Intensive Driving Course at 17 and get on the road the fastest possible way.

Learn To Drive Before 17 Driving Lessons Availability.
Learn to drive from any age any day of the week with Intensive Driving Courses Wales.
Book now to avoid dissapointment. Excellent for learning to drive before you are 17 years old. 

Location Of The Off Road Driving Site Where You Can Learn To Drive Before 17 Years Old

The off road site is based at Llandow near Llantwit Major the site has several areas where you can practice different aspects of driving e.g tyres laid out for steering purposes, Bays for parking, and narrower areas for practicing turns in the road. You will learn
with a Fully Qualified Driving Instructor and this is available from 14  years old. If this sounds good to you then Intensive Driving Courses Wales can help you!


Off Road Driving Lessons With Intensive Driving Courses Wales



Off Road Driving Lessons are run by Intensive Driving Courses Wales 

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Learn to drive from 14 yrs old in a safe and secure off road driving site. Learn to drive before 17 and get a head start on your driving lessons. Intensive Driving Courses Wales also offers Intensive and Residential Driving Courses to pass your driving test in the fastest time possible.

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Get a head start on your driving lessons with Itensive Driving Courses Wales. Learn to drive from 14 yrs old. Learn to drive before 17 years old in wales.

Almost 17? why not take an off road course followed by an Intensive Driving Course Save months of Driving lessons by getting it all done in one week.

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